Zebriana Blue Light Cut Blocking Computer & Gaming Glasses For Eye Protection of Men & Women To Filter Laptop & Mobile Screen Rays – Retinoshield Model

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Product Description

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Zebriana safety glasses VS Ordinary spectacles

better than normal eyeglassesbetter than normal eyeglasses

8 Top reasons why techies prefer Zebriana computer safety glasses with amber lenses over ordinary spectacles

Amber lenses can block roughly 4 times more blue light of digital screens as compared to spectacles with clear lenses.
A common disappointment with normal spectacles with zero power is that the wearer usually does not feel any change with or without them. However in case of safety eyeglasses with amber lenses it is seen that techies feel the relief from visual stress within few seconds.
A research conducted at University of Toledo in the USA, has positively concluded that amber lenses can significantly block the blue light.
Blocking the blue light exposure at night helps regulate the natural sleep-wake cycle (circadian-rhythm) and the wearer observe improvement in sleep quality.
Lenses of general spectacles are usually small and hence cover very less area around the eyes however safety glasses have are larger lens area for better protection.
Safety glasses provided by Zebriana are wrap-around to provide protection from the sides as well against blue light, UV light and dust particles in the air. Harsh rays & dust can enter from the sides in case of spectacles.
This product by Zebriana has a strong built. The lenses are as tough as you in real life and hence appropriate even for rough handlers.
There is absolutely no comparison as Zebriana safety computer glasses is a very advanced product as compared to spectacles and ideal for those who spend extended hours in front of digital screens of laptop & mobile phone.

Branded LensBranded Lens

Understanding the Zebriana Polycarbonate Blue Ray Cut Glasses

Before chemical processing the lenses are plain & clear. However the lens turn yellowish after chemical treatment to achieve highest level anti blue light property.
The view through the lenses is softly yellowish & extremely soothing for your tired eye muscles.
The polycarbonate lenses used in the computer safety glasses have very high impact resistance.
They do not break even when the temperature around you changes significantly.
Lenses can easily be cleaned by using simple soap and water.
These amber lenses provide high contrast so you can see even minor details on the screen.

Improve Your Work Efficiency By Blocking The Harsh Rays Of Laptop & Smartphone Screens

model wearing computer glasses

model wearing computer glasses

adjustable frame arms

adjustable frame arms

break resistant anti blue light lens that also block uv light

break resistant anti blue light lens that also block uv light

Engineered for techies

To achieve quick relief from eye strain & improve screen contrast, the interest of techies has shifted towards the amber lens technology, The object detailing greatly improves with these amber lenses as compared to normal ones.

Adjustable frames

No hassle to decide about the frame size as the side temples have adjustable arms. Temples are made up of polymer. There are 4 stop points under the side temples so they can fit as per your comfort.

Break resistant & Light weight lenses

Ever heard about polycarbonate lenses ? Yes, the same which don’t break so easily due to the high level of endurance. The light weight of Zebriana safety glasses makes it a darling of those who spend hours in front of digital screens.

Technical Specification



Refractive lens power

Zero diopters lens power which is appropriate for those who have normal near vision

Lens Properties

Anti blue light, Anti UV, Anti chemical, Dust & water repellent

Product processing method

Fully robotic



Lens treatment


Lens material


Lens height

5.5 cms

Temple Length

120 cms to 145 cms adjustable

Anti UV Light To Prevent Sunlight Exposure
Break Resistant Polycarbonate Lens For Product Longevity
4 Stops Adjustable Frame Arms That Fits Everyone
Wraparound Shaped Lens For Extra Eye Coverage