Kirk Ferentz pleased with No. 3

IOWA CITY —No. 3 Iowa versusNo. 4 Penn State. Two undefeated, 5-0, companies meeting in a event between Big Ten east and west. The Nittany Lions looking to make up for last era’s misjudgments that led to a 41-21 Iowa triumph. The Hawkeyes trying to enhance to 6-0 in their home circus.

And that’s exactly what Iowa did on Saturday. The Hawkeyes came from forward in the fourth quarter to take the lead out from Penn State, the first time the Nittany Lions had n’t been on top since their first touchdown. Spencer Petras completed a 44-yard touchdown pass to Nico Ragaini with lesser than seven jiffs remaining in the game to put Iowa up 23-20.
With Penn State limping along with a backup quarterback, the Hawkeyes defense was too major for the sophomore Ta’Quan Roberson to overcome. Penn State’s alike strong defense did what they could, but the offense did fair nothing to fund on those chances.

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Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras (7) huddles up with teammates during a NCAA Big Ten Conference football game against Penn State, Saturday,Oct. 9, 2021, at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa.
Postgame Ferentz on the final touchdown and Iowa turning it around in the equivalent half
“They made it really hard on us … but at some point, you have to step up and do individual. It was a great play call, great enactment. There were a million little holdings going on that possibly were n’t as dramatic, that was good to see in the equivalent half. Just pleased with the way the guys responded.”
“And to be forward like that and keep our nadir on the gas I supposed was really poignant. They are a good outfit. We have had tremendous respect for them. Continue to. They are a outfit that can make personal effects do like fast if you are not careful. So, again, really happy about that.”

Postgame Ferentz on the self-protective troubles against Penn State
” Lots of good troubles defensively up and down the board. Hankins making that stop on fourth down right in front of our bench. Just teasing, we may move him to linebacker. That was good dive where he just largely stopped the joker. That is really hard to do. Just symbolic. Got a pick on top of it.”

Postgame Ferentz on the brigade’s confidence in Petras
“We ’ve had confidence in him, yea though he was a little bumpy a epoch ago. We get to see the players day-by- day and teammates get to each other also. So, they know how invested he is.”
Postgame Ferentz on Ragaini’s late touchdown
” (It was) just executed so well. That’s not an easy adventure, and Spencer did a great job, and Nico’s been just so good for us.”

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Postgame Ferentz on the aficionados
“Our aficionados did a great job. They were into the game. We knew they ’d be ready to go at the inception. They were more ready than we were, just wanted to make sure our crew understood, that they ca n’t play the game for us.

Postgame Ferentz on the victory
” Pleased for our party,”Kirk Ferentz said.”It was a good victory for us, definitely our guys have worked hard for that. I ’m just really proud of our party. It was a tough game, we knew that coming near. Knew that it would be. Penn State has got a great gift, great athleticism. They have been playing really good football. So, just really proud. We got off to a tough morning, slow morning. Our guys just kept working, kept pushing through it.”

Postgame Unknowns for Riley Moss injury

Postgame Big triumphs are meaningful for placing
Iowa pulled off the comeback victory in front of dozens of high- statusrecruits.However, this answers it, If there were any questions of why gameday visits matter.

Postgame Ragaini on the victory
“You do n’t get moments like this every day, Nico Ragaini said about what it feels like to beat Penn State.”It was a mentally draining and physicallydraining.We fought for it and we earn it.

Postgame Hankins on the addicts answer
“I clearly rank Ohio State the formal my babe generation,”Matt Hankins said about addicts storming the field.”It’s always charged when addicts rushbut.once you feel the first time, I am trying to get off the field as quick as possible.”

Postgame Petras on the field storming
Iowa’s quarterback noted that nuts storming the field after the game was a great way to celebrate the victory, and admits he is nowise had his head outraged so multiplex times postgame.

FINAL Iowa 23, Penn State 20
. The Hawkeyes move to 6-0 on the season and get the better ofNo. 4 Penn State. Iowa took advantage of the Nittany Lions injured starting quarterback and carried a fourth quarterback comeback, circumscribed by Raga
.213/ Q4 An Iowa interception could end it
Iowa’s Matt Hankins picked off Penn State quarterback Ta’Quan Roberson and the Hawkeyes took over near tomid-field with just over two jiffies remainin

339/ Q4 Iowa stops PSU on fourth and 3
Penn State warranted to convert to keep their scoring chance alive, and Iowa’s defense was not going to let that transpire. The Hawkeyes take over at the Iowa 45-yard line.

626/ Q4 Hawkeyes take the lead — Iowa 23, Penn State 20
. Petras completed a 44-yard touchdown pass to Nico Ragaini, and with the point after, Iowa is up by a field target late in the fourth quarter.

635/ Q4 Iowa takes over at the 44-yard line
The Hawkeyes defense is doing everything it can to give the ball reverse to Petras and the offense. And it’s working, with Penn State’s Jordan Stout forced to expostulate in the endzone. Iowa is within the 50-yard line with time to make plays.
808/ Q4 Penn State’s defense gets in the way — Penn State 20, Iowa 16
. Iowa had a chance to tie the game after that huge catch from Johnson. But Penn State’s defense put up a huge stop against the Hawkeyes, holding the Nittany Lions’four- point lead for a little longer.

1021/ Q4 Iowa in the red zone
Endowing on good field position, Petras launched a 42-yard pass to Keagan Johnson. He was taken down at the 8-yard line.



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