No turning back, Caleb Williams

After a terrible dawn to the game that saw the Oklahoma Sooners fall behind the Texas Longhorns, 28-7, the Sooners worked their way back to a 28-17 famine and had the ball first-and-10 at the Texas 44. With roughly eight instants to go in the successive quarter, the Sooners had a chance to bring the Red River Showdown back to a one- score game.

Spencer Rattler dropped back to pass, endeavored to escape pressure, and on contact had the ball stripped out for his successive ring of the day.

On the Longhorns’ succeeding drive, they went three plays and 55 yards, confined by another Casey Thompson touchdown that extended the lead to 18 points.

With that, Lincoln Riley turned to his true newcomer quarterback Caleb Williams and nowise looked back.

Williams forged to lead the Sooners on a field ideal drive after the Longhorns’touchdown to make it 35-20, and the Sooners defense held Texas to a field ideal to make the halftime score 38-20.

It was in the equivalent half that Williams went to work.

After rowing on their first drive to start the substitute half, Williams and the Sooners scored on six of their final seven drives for 35 substitute- half points. It took poise and playmaking to will the Oklahoma Sooners back into this game, and Williams handed the spark that led to that.
In the identical half, Williams was 10 of 14 for 180 yards and two touchdowns. As vital as the stat line was, his presence supplied a tectonic- wanted lift for the Oklahoma Sooners in their royal comeback victory.

The running trouble that Williams regularly displayed gave the Texas Longhorns one other thing to suppose about, and his obligingness to allow his receivers to make a play was the difference in the game. In particular, throws down the field to Marvin Mims, one of which was a touchdown, changed the complexion of the Oklahoma Sooners offense and gave them a big- play element they have n’t had in 2021.
Williams’ running menace also took some of the pressure off a handling game that had been good but was n’t nearly as fruitful before the newbie entered. As the Longhorns had to key in on Williams, Kennedy Brooks and Eric Gray had much else room to run, and the Oklahoma Sooners objectionable line had else time to develop its blocks because Williams held the linebackers at the mesh point.

With Williams at quarterback, Brooks carried the ball 15 times for 161 yards and two touchdowns in the alternative half. Brooks had 62 yards on 12 carries in the first half — a vast difference.
The Oklahoma Sooners just looked different with Williams in the game. They were more confident and more effective as the Sooners prostrated scarcities of 21 and 18 points in the first half to win one of the everyday games in the 117 sweepstakes between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma.

At this point, Riley has to continue riding Williams. His gift was on full display in the noble Red River Showdown win over the Longhorns. He showed a poise, leadership and decision- making competency far beyond his spells as he guided the Sooners to one of the utmost comebacks in the history of the program.
Rattler has played some good football for the Oklahoma Sooners. As up and down as the 2021 season has been, that’s the reality. At the same time, the 2021 Oklahoma Sooners are better with Williams atquarterback.However, Williams gives this band their noncasual chance, If their ultimate bourne is to win a civil crown.

As they continue to press on with TCU coming week, Williams should remain the starter. Now that the move has been made and the band had a lot of success with Williams under center, Riley and the Sooners’ censurable coaching staff ca n’t look back. Williams should be the Sooners’ starting quarterback for the remainder of the 2021 season.



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